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Bản dịch của panda – Từ điển giờ Anh–Việt

Các ví dụ của panda


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He was going lớn put all his men in panda cars.

I believe that the panda is a most undesirable new animal lớn have on the roads.

In the present study, we observed the developmental potential of giant panda-rabbit embryos respectively reconstructed by directly injecting or electrofusing whole somatic cells into demecolcine-enucleated rabbit oocytes.

To-day we have police in panda cars who fly about chasing motorists.

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A major issue relates lớn the position of the red panda in the tree.

The continued existence of pandas should be of interest and value lớn the world community, sánh that a worldwide chiến dịch for tư vấn would be a reasonable part of the solution.

That is a tremendous improvement on police in panda cars.

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Panda seedlings clearly occur in areas without elephants.

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