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Both are large-scale genres, often - though not necessarily - showcasing either the orchestra as a whole or individual players or sections within it.

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Ultimately the genre survives in the twenty-first century primarily in our university choruses and local choral societies.

He provides a staged genre analysis of the bribery sự kiện and shows which stages are constitutive, thereby demonstrating that certain so-called bribery episodes were not.

These master actors teach their students the repertoire of their particular genres by having them copy what they bởi.

Music listening activities were conducted using tonal music of different genre and styles.

This interest is reflected in her electroacoustic music as most of her pieces in this genre utilise vocal performance.

Any teacher who wants to lớn explore this fascinating and endlessly exciting genre should keep a copy very near at hand.

These three works are perhaps the three oldest instances of the genre of roman d'antiquité.

As such, it would tend to lớn be first attested in writing in the more oral and less formal genres.

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Hence, we have an intersection within these texts of genre, second or third hand experience, alongside a dynamic of imperialism that needs recognition and analysis.

Speakers and writers can, and bởi, modify their usage in different directions according to lớn level of formality, genre, and mode of language.

Finally, practical discussion on the teaching of specific spoken genres is reviewed and probable future directions are discussed.

For this question, the respondents were given a chance to lớn name several genres, because of vague and often personal definitions of particular genres.

However, a recent flurry of work demonstrates that the processes may be similar in popular and high culture genres.

Furthermore, it demonstrates that genre affects not only the rate of subject expression, but also the way in which priming manifests itself.

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