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The bulky clothing, gloves and boots representing clay, and most strikingly the oversized hair, feature in both versions.

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Animals were handled and sampled with the aid of rubber gloves laterally coupled to lớn the cabinets.

A fumigation chamber and rubber gloves coupled to lớn the cabinets allowed sampling without opening the system.

However, the prevalence of toxoplasmosis was lowest in the group who ' always used gloves ' to lớn handle soil (6/166, 3.6 %).

Because of the poor state of preservation of many monuments, it is difficult to lớn determine whether both hands wear gloves.

As mentioned earlier, most pelota mixteca players wear long gloves that seem to lớn be tied near the elbow.

All bat handlers should be encouraged to lớn wear biteproof gloves and to lớn complete a course of rabies immunizations before handling bats.

The practice observed was to lớn use the same cleaning materials and gloves between rooms.

Putting on gloves, protective clothing and masks are all part of the repertoire of frightening, symbolic acts.

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A x2 trend analysis showed no association between toxoplasmosis and either frequency of gardening activity or use of gloves while gardening.

Of these, the single most important item was lace (1,052,460 francs), followed by silk fabric (794,508 francs) and leather gloves (585,954 francs).

We will need to lớn know whether the ecological costs of cleaning the gloves would be less than thở that of extracting and using new raw materials.

Other options are gloves made from either vinyl or ethylene copolymer, each of which will undoubtedly present their own mix of issues.

Of course, gloves have many nonmedical uses as well.

The use of packaging for gloves and other healthcare products must be minimized.

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