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He was known predominantly for his evening and wedding gown collections.

Bustles and bustle gowns are rarely worn in contemporary society.

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Undergraduate gowns are usually a shortened version of a bachelor's gown.

Skirts worn by lolitas are generally around knee-length rather kêu ca full floor-length gowns that you would expect to tướng see from this era.

En route to tướng the evening gown competition, the ship they boarded catches fire, and the passengers scramble to tướng evacuate.

They simply have to tướng choose a bridal gown they lượt thích, from the company trang web and then make an appointment with a local consultant.

Listen to tướng your heart closely and avoid distractions when choosing a bridal gown or a wedding suit.

A bridal gown inspired by a wedding that lasted just 72 days is hardly a great omen.

Because their income is limited, church members paid for the bridal gown, venue and catering.

She could not believe that the fabric had been sewn into an elegant bridal gown.

Would a true leader buy ceremonial gowns and embark on 8 hour filght in them just to tướng show off?

She is adorned with the ceremonial gown of goat skin and a necklace chain which indicates her new marital status.

This is a ceremonial gown and not an academic robe.

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Activities ranged from receiving ceremonial gowns to tướng a paint tiệc ngọt, "where people were just throwing around paint, and we were nhảy đầm and laughing," he said.

But if the guy could buy ceremonial gowns and take 8hour flight just to tướng prove a point, what tự you expect from him?

From one wedding gown, trăng tròn little gowns of various sizes from wraps for micro-preemie babies to tướng gowns for full-term ones can be made.

She remembered how they got involved during an incident when the bride's wedding gown didn't arrive and the family had to tướng rent a dress.

Apart from a glamorous wedding gown, a wedding is not a wedding if the decor does not stand out.

A special exhibit surrounding a replica of her iconic wedding gown will also be included.

I consider the store to tướng be a bit of a gallery for dresses rather kêu ca a wedding gown cửa hàng.

By the time a child graduates from college, she may have already sported a cap and gown at least five previous times!

She will wear her normal cap and gown and carry a sign whose words she would not divulge before the fact.

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I had to tướng go find my cap and gown.

But school officials took his cap and gown away from him and barred him from the stage.

But students tweeted pictures of the young artist carrying her mattress in her cap and gown to tướng confirm she was allowed to tướng finish her undergraduate thesis.