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However, the audio quality for hands-free operation varied from poor lớn unacceptable.

Despite the poor sound quality that resulted, all three sites normally used the hands-free sound, which makes overhearing and interruption possible.

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This applies in part also lớn hands-free phones because of the nature of the distraction of a conversation.

Indeed, we are about lớn issue further advice on both hand-held and hands-free phones.

The issue is purely whether it is better lớn use a hands-free phone kêu ca lớn use a hand-held phone.

It is true that all sorts of things, including speaking into a hands-free mobile phone, divert the driver's attention.

Perhaps we should consider the general issue of mobile phone use—both hands-free and hands-held sets—while driving.

People can use one—preferably a hands-free one, rather kêu ca breaking the law with a hand-held one—to leave a message or lớn make a quick reply.

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Anyone who can afford a siêu xe telephone can afford, and should use, a hands-free microphone.

Using a hands-free phone is also distracting and drivers should always find a safe place lớn stop when using any type of phone.

Essential calls taken with a hands-free phone should be kept brief, including those by the emergency services, xe taxi drivers and couriers.

Our advice is clear: anyone who can afford a siêu xe phone can afford a hands-free microphone.

The portable telephones may be used in cars if a hands-free mount is fitted.

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If just hand-held—or under-the-chin—mobile phones are made illegal because of safety concerns, people may think that hands-free phones are safe.

In simple terms, if one can afford a siêu xe telephone, one can afford a hands-free microphone.

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