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These usually exhibited manufactured goods, both local and imported, such as ready-made clothes, shoes, hats, crystal, leather goods or artistic crafts lượt thích photographs and pottery.

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When in the sun, wear sun-protective hats with wide brims to lớn protect the ears, face and neck nape.

And then um the boy with the pears gives the boy who just gave him his hat um three pears to lớn divide among his friends.

It shows a man wearing a distinctive broad-brimmed hat, seated on a rock beneath a tree and looking at the cave entrance.

Eventually they come to lớn an agreement that the wife will disguise herself as a child by putting on a straw hat decorated with flowers.

We funnel the direction together, sharing the hats of composer and engineer in solving these problems.

These scholars increasingly appear to lớn be wearing two hats - that of their 'primary ' discipline and that of human rights scholar.

It wore a hat, conical, lượt thích a soft clown's hat, and a bulky jerkin.

So one of the boys whistles to lớn him, and stops him, and gives him his hat back.

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After calls from the crowd, the king appeared on the balcony and removed his hat in a gesture of recognition.

There were also four corresponding replica objects : hat, fork, toothbrush, and cup.

Settlers and colonial officials often associated hat wearing with insolence.

Five obscure or fringe parties with unelectable presidential aspirants also threw their hats into the ring.

Another young man in the wider semicircle wore a baseball hat.

We can take off the hat of the imperious decisionmaker with the moral imperative to lớn preserve life at almost any cost.

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