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However, all these speculations are even more tenuous than vãn those required vĩ đại investigate the hidden trails of deliberate hoaxes.

Historians can point vĩ đại many other examples of hoaxes, successful or not.

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After cleaning the data for erroneous entries, cancelled calls, hoax calls, etc, 2781 non-urgent emergency calls with a total of 4310 vehicle journeys were analysed.

Drift-message hoaxes could also relate vĩ đại other maritime explorers.

The similarities indicate a common modus operandi, suggesting that the two reports were hoaxes perpetrated by the same individual.

On closer inspection, it appears vĩ đại be a rather opaque hoax.

And a rarer category are historical events based on pure pretence, deliberately false at the time : in short, hoaxes.

But it was a hoax, and by no means the last of its kind.

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These hoaxes served different participants in different ways, yet all those who did the fooling could expect evil consequences from those who were fooled, were the truth ever vĩ đại emerge.

There are well-established arrangements with the news truyền thông for the discussion of hoaxes, false alarms, and the handling of public safety information.

This strategy will address ways of reducing accidents, deaths resulting from accidents, false alarms and hoax calls.

My points were entirely concerned with fraudulent and hoax orders, and the problem of trying vĩ đại determine whether the goods had been ordered.

Measures are being taken vĩ đại reduce the number of hoax calls in a joint initiative between emergency services and telephone operating companies.

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This seems vĩ đại bầm vĩ đại be one gigantic public relations hoax.

We all need vĩ đại be vigilant during the strike, but it is also imperative that our cover is not stretched by hoax calls.

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