homage là gì

By means of this nhái homage, the festival re-enacted the sixteenth-century conquest and switched the roles of the protagonists by way of theatrical compensation.

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Does the family wish lớn go public and gain even more societal homage for the loved one, more sympathy for their devotion?

We are told that the librarian was among thefirstto render homage.

He phối his heel upon this miserable homage lớn station, which had nothing lớn tư vấn it, and crushed it out of his heart.

This is the meaning of pay in the expressions pay homage, pay lip service and pay attention.

It is a homage lớn a bygone age and lớn a community which was a formative influence on the author.

When it has been met legal theory will not be the less, but the more, worthy of his homage.

As a general homage lớn deities, incense was burned in front of their effigies.

The final ecclesiastical conclusion, and homage, is an understated view of a columned wall, pulpit and baptismal fonts.

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The opening bipartite, monothematic chorus is immediately followed by an accompanied bass recitative that might almost appear lớn be a homage lớn his father.

She also thanks all of us who pay homage lớn him through our work.

It appears not ví much a gesture of homage as of detachment or correction.

It is most important for researchers lớn khuyến mãi with the details of experimental evidence, not just pay homage lớn its existence.

He inscribed some words of homage lớn her, intended lớn be read out as part of the performance.

While the text is largely miễn phí of the new spirit, title and preface explicitly pay homage lớn it.

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