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Much of this phenomenon, of course, was due lớn the predominance of classical humanities in any cultured man's intellectual background.

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However, these extraterrestrial invaders of suburbia have breached humanity's ultimate boundary, that between itself and the universe.

Searches were conducted on databases per tinent lớn medic ine, psycholog nó, soc ial work, nursing, humanities, and education, f rom 1980 lớn 2003.

Only a handful had a background in the humanities or social sciences.

The humanities and social sciences have adopted the postmodern attitude that it can no longer take the tìm kiếm for "truth" seriously.

What it does make perfectly clear is the impossibility of humanity's well-being under capitalism, and why.

The history of science can be integrated with the history of culture and the humanities generally.

On the other hand, the predominantly suburban setting for humanity's first liên hệ with another world necessarily aggrandizes suburbia.

Silently, they repudiated humanity's lingering claims lớn special privilege inside a universe no longer ordered by theology.

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Instead, the clump's existing could help explain humanity's being instanced at all.

Together they provide a wonderful insight into one of humanity's greatest gifts.

In her self-representations she appears as a spiritually enlightened individual who has dedicated her life lớn the alleviation of humanity's suffering.

There has been much debate over whether archaeology is an objective science or a subjective, humanities discipline.

If plans lớn produce cellulosic ethanol are carried very far, it could be the death knell for biodiversity and, with it, humanity's life-support systems.

He suggests that we should teach the cultural context of the music through music and the humanities working together.

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