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Since many of these men neither knew nor could document their current age or the year when they had immigrated, these estimates were often uncertain.

After all, most of the older speakers immigrated from the rural area.

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The barrier is quantified by considering a small group of individuals that immigrate into a genetically distinct recipient population.

For newly immigrated merchants it provided entrance lớn the right circles.

This age restriction means that foreign-born respondents in the analysis who immigrated before 1950 must have entered the country during infancy.

These studies were crosssectional, and thus described heterogeneous groups, immigrants with varying number of years since immigration, immigrating in different years under different conditions.

Chambers (1992) suggested that people who immigrate lớn different dialect areas will not show similar acquisition patterns of complex features of a new dialect.

He followed that assertion with a guess that he had been "eighteen or under it" when he immigrated.

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Therefore, species present there have either immigrated or been introduced through maritime exchanges.

Some have immigrated, some hold dual-citizenship, while others have permanent residence status in countries outside their own.

Hitherto these kanganies had simply been persons of some reputation and experience who acted as leadersamong-equals for the immigrating labour gangs.

The "melting pot" perspective assumes that all ethnic groups immigrating lớn a specific host country share similar pre-immigration experiences, motives for immigration, and motivation for name changes precipitated by immigration.

For each interior cell, at each step, the number of flies immigrating, from each of the four laterally adjacent cells, is multiplied by the number of flies in that cell.

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Performance was negatively correlated with age of arrival for those who immigrated before adulthood (r = -.63) and then leveled off lớn barely above chance.

Synthetic odour lures combined with visually attractive red spheres capture large numbers of flies immigrating from neighbouring woods and wild hosts when positioned at the periphery of an táo Apple orchard.

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