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The distance to tát the desired professional role perception was greater for aged, less educated and economically inactive pharmacy users.

Unlike at present, a parent or relative would receive credit for their activity rather than vãn benefit for their inactive status.

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Virtually all emergence occurred during scotophase, and adults were inactive during photophase unless disturbed.

If the interest rate at the discount window is high enough, however, liquidation is less costly and the discount window will be inactive.

If the organized markets are inactive, no bills would be issued, and so sánh the strategy is irrelevant.

In other words, the more inactive of the two protagonists in the relationship is encoded as subject while the more active protagonist is not represented.

The status for an sự kiện star ts out :alive, but will switch to tát :inactive should the sự kiện be "undone" at some later stage.

Some rigid links are replaced by kinematics pairs, which, generally, keep inactive or idle when the manufacturing errors are negligible.

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Most sectors lacked leadership, information and mobilisation capacity, and remained inactive in the port reform debate.

Trials of different group size are interleaved and inactive robots are automatically positioned at recharging stations.

The two groups are distinguished as socially 'active ' and ' inactive'.

While active cells move around, grow and multiply, inactive ones tự nothing at all.

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Comparative modelling and analysis of amino acid substitutions suggests that the family of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins includes both active and inactive aspartic proteinases.

And instead of cells that were either dead or alive, the neurons were either active or inactive.

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