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Parsimony-based fit indices for multiple-indicator models : tự they work ?

The final section covers the development of phosphorus indices and challenges to tát their implementation.

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Understanding product family for mass customization by developing commonality indices.

Thus, a key question for research as well as intervention is how closely associated these various indices of children's vocabulary are.

A simulation using weighted indices in order to tát trương mục for these variations was therefore conducted and is presented below.

A second coder independently coded all gaze indices to tát establish the degree of interrater reliability.

Secondly, we look at indices of the general familiarity of these irregular nouns versus verbs at each time point.

One might therefore expect the two indices to tát coincide in indicating the same words as understood.

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However, in this case the perturbation indices present a relatively high value for small values of the toàn thân height.

Finally, some applications of the proposed indices will be presented and discussed.

The construction of these indices is based on the cointegration and spatial market arbitrage opportunities inherent in agricultural commodity markets.

Supplementation in undernourished patients appeared to tát improve nutritional indices and some aspects of morbidity.

Where necessary, prices were adjusted by multiplying by the ratio of health price indices (7).

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However, it is not clear from such an approach which phối of diversity indices is best for characterizing the diversity structure of the site.

What raw diversity indices should be included in the initial analysis, from amongst the wide range of possible indices?

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