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The ethanol is placed in the indoor lower corridor and the acetone in the upper corridor.

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About 200 passengers enjoyed the indoor spas every day and the male :female ratio of indoor spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp users was 3 :2.

They still apply wherever we walk, whether it be in parking lots, along storefronts, suburban pavements, or indoor shopping malls.

The number of females collected per trap-night was compared with that of daytime indoor resting, outdoor resting, indoor man-landing and outdoor man-landing collections.

The application of a functionally similar homing method đồ sộ indoor navigation is currently under investigation.

Regarding the latter case, we have tested the vision system and adjusted it đồ sộ work in typical indoor environment rooms.

In offering indoor rooms for females, the reform chiến dịch had identified an area in which change was welcomed.

During the 1830s and 1840s as respectable politics moved đồ sộ indoor venues, the authorities increasingly regulated and restricted remaining open-air gatherings.

This is crucial for policies đồ sộ combat indoor air pollution.

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However, one important issue that was not considered in this study concerns indoor air pollution due đồ sộ inefficient use of crop residues in rural households.

This experiment is intended đồ sộ simulate an indoor environment such as a mine, factory building or subway tunnel.

Experimental data show the effectiveness of the designed sensor in indoor environments.

They represent a large panel of possible situations in indoor environments.

One probable explanation is that the indoor spas have no air compressors and therefore fewer aerosols.

Analysis of risk factors for infection suggested contamination of indoor kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and waste disposal area.

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