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Ingredients for short rib soup

In a general sense, an ingredient is a substance which forms part of a mixture. In cooking, recipes specify which ingredients are used to tướng prepare a dish. Many commercial products contain secret ingredients purported to tướng make them better than thở competing products. In the pharmaceutical industry, an active ingredient is the ingredient in a formulation which invokes biological activity.

The ingredient list on a can of marrowfat peas. Besides peas, the product also contains water, salt, and the antioxidant E385

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National laws usually require prepared food products to tướng display a list of ingredients and specifically require that certain additives be listed. Law typically requires that ingredients be listed according to tướng their relative weight within the product.[1]


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Artificial ingredient[edit]

An artificial ingredient usually refers to tướng an ingredient which is artificial or man-made, such as:

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  • Artificial flavour
  • Food additive
  • Food colouring
  • Preservative
  • Sugar substitute, artificial sweetener

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