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It has been reported by many non-governative associations that the condition inside the centres are inhuman.

This martial arts school focuses on the principles of natural selection, that only those strong enough can survive the harsh and inhuman training.

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Across his travels, he earned the name among other names for his inhuman nature.

My task, at the time, was đồ sộ show the humanity of someone who was basically inhuman.

He may otherwise appear as a misty, silvery being with an inhuman face.

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Many people believed that the conditions in which the animals were exported were cruel and inhumane.

Hundreds of thousands of people had đồ sộ leave their homes, creating appalling and inhumane conditions in the crowded towns and cities.

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While this case provided an advancement in neurology research, it was at risking inhumane treatment of animals.

The buildings had been neglected and the patient care was inhumane.

This contribution began đồ sộ highlight animal rights and the inhumane treatment of animals between 1500 and 1800.