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We will see a growth in the number of consumer-curators, personal consumer assistants or, speaking of information, interactive consumption interfaces.

The game has not aged well, as full motion Clip games quickly became an interactive fad that died quickly.

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The interactive cookbook received numerous reviews from both consumers and techies.

The diorama is touchscreen computerized and interactive and is phối within the boundaries of the mesa.

Those websites contain interactive information used by civilians and foreigners.

A building's local ecology, or environment, is made up of particular physical and biological elements and their interactions.

Modern farming techniques rely on a large variety of chemicals, whose breakdown and interaction in the environment is still virtually unknown.

A marketecture is one page, typically informal depiction of the system's structure and interactions.

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Start-up ecosystems are generally encompass the network of interactions among people, organizations, and their environment.

Seven works her way up from interactions with holograph men and eventually ends up in a date with another human crewman.

Compared lớn electric or magnetic field lines, which are spread out because the carrier of the electromagnetic force, the photon, does not interact with itself.

The game can be played in two modes: a tournament style single-player game or a grudge match where two players can interact.

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The internal dynamics of the proton are complicated, because they are determined by the quarks' exchanging gluons, and interacting with various vacuum condensates.

In particular, they look at all the stimuli that are present during testing and at how the associations acquired by these stimuli may interact.

The brand moves beyond shouting at the audience lớn interacting with them in a more casual and trusted manner.