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Interoperability between agents is ensured by a wrapper.

Good interoperability between different back offices depends on historical reasons and on the 'environment', the service-building capacity relevant for each of the cases.

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Agents in a multi-agent system are characterised by autonomy, adaptability, interoperability and dynamism.

Within the 29 cases with a high degree of interoperability among back offices, several major strategic options were identified.

Nor vì thế they specify a framework supporting component interoperability.

The proposal is vĩ đại take copyright into trương mục as a way vĩ đại establish a common interoperability ground and means vĩ đại incorporate user rights.

It remains difficult vĩ đại quantify payoff and economic benefits of information interoperability, something that should be seen as a public good.

The most important constraint was interoperability, the possibility of interacting with software written in other languages.

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A major challenge facing industry today is the lack of interoperability between heterogeneous systems.

These pieces of knowledge have vĩ đại be consistent with the preexisting knowledge structure of the costing expert for reasons of interoperability.

This has consequences, of course, impacting on the interoperability of argument systems and the exchange of test sets.

The alternative approach is vĩ đại cultivate pockets of common language and interoperability.

The survey also proposes vĩ đại enhance existing models by embedding other current standards vĩ đại enable automation and interoperability of the entire process.

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There is a great giảm giá of work where agents tư vấn electronic commerce, in general, but little work specifically attacks the problem of business-to-business interoperability.

The language processing community has recognized that commonality and interoperability are increasingly imperative vĩ đại enable sharing, merging, and comparison of language resources.

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