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The jingles are clear evidence for this phenomenon.

Here she worked on commissioned compositions for film, television, advertising jingles and more extensive music compositions.

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Traditional and innovative methods operated in tandem and reinforced each other with the use of similar slogans and jingles.

Many stations choose đồ sộ spend this money on recording their station's jingles, while others prefer đồ sộ involve themselves with promoting local concerts by international artists.

Out of the gentle chaos of human voices, brass bells and tin yêu jingles, the evening's first drum slowly emerges, growing from soft, distant footsteps into an urgent, steady heartbeat.

The television composer (unlike the film scorer) has đồ sộ be expert with the jingle, the theme tune, the liên kết.

As a jingle for one of the world's most right-wing anglophone governments, the use of his music in this way caused him 'pain'.

He speaks mostly in decasyllabic couplets đồ sộ which she replies with trochaic tetrameter couplets that jingle against his adult measures with a shade of infantilism he yet cannot outgrow.

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They have adopted a lot of the jingles and format of the pirates and evolved them into a new style of their own.

To put it simply, children are subjected đồ sộ repeated imagery and carefully constructed memorable jingles.

No doubt he would then stay for seven years thumbing his nose at the landlord and jingling his £8,000 a year in his pocket.

They are necessary; without the jingles one would have no idea which station one was listening đồ sộ, because they are all the same.

Dismissed editors have gone away with their golden handshakes jingling in their pockets.

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One might also point đồ sộ the fact that today there is less money jingling in people's pockets.

By and large, they play the top 50 records, interspersed with the jingles that can be heard nation-wide on any commercial radio station.

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