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Reception at the rails thus became a new device to lớn tackle a longstanding dispute over kneeling at communion.

Whatever the ideas encapsulated, tự the seated and kneeling figures represent historical persons as much as or more than thở they represent idealized events and concepts?

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You should have seen him kneeling and praying when the rooms in the castle were already on fire around him.

When small groups of women began kneeling in prayer outside saloons in the 1870s, they met with derision.

It also asks them how often they have to lớn lift heavy loads and stoop, kneel, or crouch at work.

We shall have less reason to lớn kneel down before our present practices and more need to lớn decide in which direction to lớn change them.

He orders her to lớn kneel on the floor to lớn undo his pack of merchandise, saying, 'you are better thus'.

Then he drew her towards him and in a moment she was kneeling at his feet, with her face buried on his knees.

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A delicate young woman looks away, as her kneeling lover in the shadowy background fervently grasps her hand.

He kneels in obeisance: she leads him up the staircase to lớn unthinkable punishments: it's hilarious.

For example, a new fragment found in 2001 depicts a kneeling captive who comes from a place called b'alam.

After all of them had arrived, they suddenly knelt down.

The participants include kneeling men, who are assistants of lower status, and woman who stand facing the ruler.

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By that stage, rejection for any reason other than thở failure to lớn kneel at communion was rather out of fashion.

Typical operational modes are kneeling or upright position of the operator while carefully digging in the soil.

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