large nghĩa là gì

This game is much larger than vãn the original.

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The latter allow the pusher's fuel and freshwater tanks to lớn be topped up from the much larger storage tanks of the barge.

In the 2001 census, the village had a population of 1,694 and was also the largest village in the municipality.

He had scored 46, but looked mix for a much larger score.

The upper ligules are much larger than vãn the lower ligules.

The extra-large storage bin between the front seats is a great feature too, as it takes heaps of clutter.

Look at this extra-large version, with special attention to lớn the bottom of the actors' legs.

The building was also designed as a community facility, with separate access to lớn the extra-large gymnasium and library.

They were built with extra-large classrooms and meeting rooms to lớn fit training purposes.

I'd even managed to lớn sleep in my extra-large seat and for bầm that was also a small miracle.

How is it that they can decide that they can be ambassadors at large?

He is also a political scientist, an academic, and an ambassador at large.

He was previously ambassador at large and earlier served as the foreign ministry spokesman.

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Maybe we need an ambassador at large?

Of where we go, for we will be at large.

Some individuals shouldn't be at large in society, it's true, but your viewpoint is based on punishment, not deterrance.

Prosecutors have not said how many attackers there were in total, or how many accomplices might be at large.

And the disturbing part is that whoever perpetrated this crime may still be at large in the community.

One of them was said to lớn be at large.

Large-scale industry required factories, raw material, workers, and large amounts of food.

Australian capital markets are relatively shallow, and companies in large-scale industries (such as mining, infrastructure and construction) often rely on overseas sources of capital to lớn finance investment.

Clearly there were things that needed to lớn get fixed -- that's always the case in large-scale industry reform.

It has several residential colonies, educational institutions, hospitals, and large-scale industries on either side.

Those local governments would now develop their revenue base, small, medium, large-scale industries in concert with other investors.

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