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These arguments vì thế not lessen the responsibility of donors and lenders.

Lending đồ sộ a wife probably did not happen very often because it was too risky for lenders worried about delays in repayment.

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These costs arise through informational asymmetries between borrowers and lenders that are costly đồ sộ resolve.

If each agent's endowment level increases, then the relative wealth differences between the lenders and the borrowers really decrease.

A possible explanation for this negative effect may have đồ sộ vì thế with the perceptions of ngân hàng lenders about the safety of their loans.

These lenders offer investment loans đồ sộ producers through financial intermediaries.

A question is whether conditioning loans đồ sộ honest governments on the rate of resource extraction can be beneficial for lenders.

This external social benefit will not be fully recognised by commercial lenders.

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The authors mix themselves the difficult tasks of addressing a broad audience of academics, policy-makers, mortgage lenders, housing associations, the voluntary sector and pressure groups.

In other words, we assume that international lenders offer a lower interest rate.

The borrower worked for the lender, or substituted someone đồ sộ work in his or her place, in lieu of paying interest on the loan.

This comes from the model environment where borrowers are physically separated from lenders when t is realized.

On the contrary, the former assumes that the project has already met some feasibility criteria leading đồ sộ a lender's willingness đồ sộ invest in it.

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The lender could ration the household's or firm's access đồ sộ credit đồ sộ ease his signal extraction program.

Consequently, asymmetry of information between borrower and lender provides the former with an incentive đồ sộ misrepresent actual productivity in an effort đồ sộ reduce his payment.

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