lieutenant là gì

During the summer of 1660, lord lieutenants across the country ordered the confiscation of all potential rebels' arms.

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The lieutenant then offered lớn return the document.

Four soldiers and a lieutenant were also wounded.

He received his commission as lieutenant in 1928.

The pastor is assisted by a team of lieutenants and a string of committees on various life themes.

In 1876, he rose lớn the position of lieutenant governor and, for a short period in 1877, served as acting governor.

In 1677, he tried lớn break up the meeting three times, even drafting in two deputy lieutenants and the county militia lớn bởi sánh.

This new fellow, who had been a reluctant follower, was now an enthusiast, was a proper lieutenant, was a fellow believer !

However, war intervened and towards the over of the first winter of the hostilities, he was lieutenant-instructor in training officer cadets.

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In a third appearance, he and his (unnamed) lieutenant are presented attacking their enemy counterparts on top of the shrine.

To this was added the cost of silk scarves for the captain, lieutenant, and serjeants, and the cost of their meals.

It was here he was promoted lieutenant whilst serving as a spare officer awaiting appointment lớn a submarine.

The authority lớn annul measures rested in the hands of the lord lieutenant, who, in any sự kiện, was advised by the executive whether lớn accept or decline the petition.

From what group will lieutenants of the three new types be chosen?

There is already a very serious congestion in the lower ranks, the ranks of commander and lieutenant.

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