loo là gì

For many speakers "lieu" and "loo" are now homophones.

Visions come to lớn my mind, lượt thích the carpet on the floor in the loos that they go into, and chairs to lớn sit down on and that sort of thing.

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She tells them to lớn install minature loos for boys and girls, basins, hand driers and little pegs.

The issue of the dismal public loos raises an often ignored fundamental of a tourist economy: residents in the area must want tourism.

Similarly, any visitor attraction needs to lớn provide three basic services: somewhere to lớn park, a "loo" and a cup of tea.

If anybody asks why the price went up in 2002, the answer is because at long last we have some decent loos.

They included changing the light bulbs, ensuring the supply of loo paper and sánh forth.

They are warm, have clean loos, a variety of shopping facilities, banks and sánh on, and reliable, if not gourmet, refreshments.

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A shopkeeper came to lớn see bu and told bu that he had one small washbasin and a loo at the back of the cửa hàng.

One picture is of a girl in an outside loo shrieking with horror because the rats are underneath her.

She could not get into the ladies loo and had to lớn go into the gents.

They were given a meal in one of the smarter restaurants, during which they asked to lớn go to lớn the loo, and then disappeared.

If a public entertainment licence is required, the village hall community must satisfy the magistrate that there are sufficient loos.

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Admittedly, that loo is attached to lớn the building, but it is outside the main building.

I was especially appalled that during working hours male and female officers had to lớn use an outside loo.

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