look alike là gì

Faced with a row of look-alike singers, the audience must guess in which direction attention should be directed.

Hand-written prescriptions may pose a problem in terms of legibility with particular problems with 'look-alike' drug names.

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In other words, is the case under appeal in fact a look-alike case such that a decision in a lead case would affect its determination?

There is counterfeiting, replication without permission, production of look-alike copies and sánh on.

A large number of original products are copied by look-alike products.

Clause 26 makes arrangements for look-alike cases which have gone lớn appeal.

So there is a certain inevitability in there being a look-alike package.

All that happened was that the look-alike product was given publicity.

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I consider that another company which benefits from this investment by marketing a look-alike obtains an unfair advantage, and that represents unfair competition.

However, no constituent has ever written, or been lớn see bủ, lớn complain about being confused by a look-alike product on a supermarket shelf.

I have been unable lớn giảm giá with that look-alike problem.

That is a perfect mô tả tìm kiếm of a look-alike—creating confusion.

The deliberate marketing of look-alike brands takes unfair advantage of consumers and manufacturers of well-known branded products.

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Furthermore, consumers who purchase look-alike products are often under the mistaken impression that they are branded goods.

Someone who gains from that investment by selling a look-alike product gains an unfair advantage.

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