look in là gì

Neither religion nor culture would get a look-in.

As ví often happens, it has not had much of a look-in today.

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I very much regret that absence, but have to tát point out that those people would not have had much of a look-in.

In any scheme of equitable distribution, we, with our relatively higher standard of living, would not get a look-in, and would have to tát take less.

Where does the market economy get a look-in?

The unions hardly got a look-in, except perhaps to tát be told that a decision had been made.

But, of course, it is in these peak viewing hours that most of the people who want to tát see adult education programmes want to tát look-in.

There are plenty of sports that bởi not get a look-in at the moment.

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Working together, they dominate the proceedings and other people bởi not get a look-in.

It has not had much of a look-in ví far, although it has been mentioned here and there.

The police, on their performance indicators, will normally be judged on crime, and traffic will not get much of a look-in.

Apart from an occasional look-in by one or two others, the benches opposite have been utterly and totally deserted.

But what of those who are not getting a look-in at all?

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No one asks whether she is entitled to tát some leisure and to tát get a look-in and when we shall provide for her recreational needs.

They had not a look-in until recent years, but under tariff protection they have gone ahead.

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