multidisciplinary là gì

This allows us đồ sộ explore the agent roles required đồ sộ tư vấn collaborative, multidisciplinary design in a simple reasoning setting.

Training should be multidisciplinary and multi-agency and involve older people and carers đồ sộ develop a shared understanding of roles and needs.

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For studies such as surveys of farmer practice or multidisciplinary trials involving whole systems, plots are unlikely đồ sộ be relevant.

Additional recommendations were often made about training, multidisciplinary teams, contribution đồ sộ registries, and research, but these were not the focus of the present study.

This independent advisory and multidisciplinary body toàn thân is involved in policymaking, education, and debates on ethical issues on the national level.

The most urgent need is đồ sộ develop this, đồ sộ be able đồ sộ address ambitious multidisciplinary research.

As one alternative, health benefits may be assessed by observational designs as consensus methods, such as careful external evaluation through multidisciplinary expert panels (12).

Given the challenges of managing heart failure, the need for improved palliative care, and skilled multidisciplinary tư vấn, a continuing education program was designed.

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Although initially the project was coordinated through the multidisciplinary team's regular monthly meetings, other priorities limited time for discussion.

Patients with scleroderma must be discussed in multidisciplinary meetings đồ sộ adapt their treatment đồ sộ their rheumatologic history.

On the one hand, the subject drew on its multidisciplinary strengths, developing new centres, networks or groups based on a multidisciplinary collection of individuals.

A multidisciplinary approach đồ sộ patients with these lesions offers the highest likelihood for cure.

Future developments must include effective use of existing expertise, ongoing education đồ sộ increase the core of expertise, and efforts đồ sộ enhance multidisciplinary teamworking.

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The preface acknowledges the necessity for a team approach đồ sộ brachytherapy, modelling the multidisciplinary approach in teletherapy.

These centers have ample experience with the multidisciplinary treatment of patients with pain.

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