napkin là gì

They were immediately familiar with the proper use of utensils, napkins and condiments.

A long, folded napkin on the right sight of the table was provided during the meal.

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The baby has diarrhoea, and they settle on its lips, or visit its napkin, which is tossed aside.

Dody was using a napkin to tát clean her nostrils - twisting the corner of the napkin and inserting it into her nostril, turning it several times and then pulling it out.

A lace napkin, edged with pearls, perches precariously on top of a đen ngòm wig, while on his feet he wears a pair of fluffy pink slippers.

Beppo takes a fresh napkin, and starts to tát dry his own face.

Linen tablecloths and napkins have been withdrawn as a measure of economy.

It concerns someone who played for safety first and buried his talent in a napkin.

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Today the consumer is sensible enough not to tát need to tát be patronised, led, and kept in napkins for the rest of his life.

Babies' bottles are not chargeable, nor are babies' napkins, and it is napkins that really should be classified with dusting powder.

There were dirty plates and cups everywhere, napkins all over the floor and the staff seemed to tát be inexperienced students.

I wondered what that was for because the place provided no table cloths or napkins; indeed, there was not even a carpet to tát clean.

There were two babies with rickets clothed in cốt tông frocks, cốt tông vests and dilapidated napkins, no more than vãn discoloured cốt tông rags.

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When they get trang chủ and sit down to tát tea we see to tát it that they have a table napkin to tát instruct them.

I am glad to tát say that the coupon rate for babies' napkins has recently been reduced from 12 to tát 9 per dozen.

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