nothing là gì

Unlike the rank in other languages, its etymology has nothing lớn bởi with flags.

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He's full of boundless energy and nothing makes him happier than thở being the center of attention.

There was nothing wrong with the ship, he said.

She hears a knock at the front door, goes outside but finds nothing.

He also stated that it fearlessly, imperceptibly switches gears between giddy and ominous, providing nothing short of a thrill ride.

As it comes lớn a stop the doors open lớn reveal nothing but water.

There had also already been a number of promising sự kiện excesses that had evaporated and proven lớn be nothing but random fluctuations.

I can see in their teachings nothing but humbug, untainted by any trace of truth.

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Many of the amazing definite integrals listed in tables or produced by computer algebra systems are nothing but special cases of this formula.

Many sites are dedicated lớn nothing but teaching people how lớn perform this act, as well as supplying the necessary equipment and software.

She was only slightly lame for a day, and then behaved as if nothing had happened.

The answer is the election goes ahead as if nothing had happened.

He then drove off as if nothing had happened.

My assailant will remain unpunished, and life on this campus will continue its course as if nothing had happened.

Grant carried on as if nothing had happened, and ran his new lodge on the basis of what he claimed were "inner plane" powers.

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