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Many nuances in the deposition of these vessels remain invisible because of this methodology.

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The behavioural details that dominated in the earlier production are now abandoned in favour of psychological states and their nuances.

Both essays bristle with ethnographic detail, and are notable for their analysis of the nuances of social formation in a protean frontier-zone.

Probably unknown to tát the arrangers, adjustments in subtle nuances (bowing, articulation, timbre) appropriate for string writing were made by the veteran string musicians.

Extreme vocal virtuosity, expression, and attention to tát nuances of vocal timbre, for example, are traits prized by both operatic and rock singers.

Not every verbal nuance reflects mood (or aspect) - we haven't even gotten to tát the voices yet.

The distinguishing nuance consists in the fact that the third element intentionally produces the conflict in order to tát gain a dominating position.

The focus upon gendered cultural flows, rather than vãn static socio-economic positions, gives nuances to tát the contributions that giảm giá with political, economic and social issues.

It is a view based, in the first place, on a misleading oversimplification of the nuances and complexities of different political ideologies of the time.

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Paradoxically, then, although the difference between invalidation and nonvalidation may seem but a nuance, it matters greatly.

There was no room in his production for the nuance of postwar modernism.

The writer argues that there is a need among learners for a heightened critical awareness of web-source nuances.

The latter have usually been defined as merely 'political', but recent research has made it possible to tát nuance that definition.

She is alive to tát its nuances and is able to tát mix it in a broad intellectual context.

These categories were given to tát the interviewer to tát bring nuance to tát answers that could otherwise have been missed by them.

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