nursery school là gì

Each child participated separately, in a small experimental room near the nursery school classrooms.

The sample consisted of 243 children: 122 nursery school children ages 2;11-3;11, and 121 preschoolers ages 4;00-4;11.

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The recordings were mostly made at the children's homes; except for one child, who was recorded at her nursery school.

Even at the nursery school, parents were apprehensive about voicing concerns.

Bulls struggle with one another for joining a nursery school in the breeding season.

Of the schools in our study, two have their own nursery schools, and one is very near a church-run nursery school.

Of children in the study, 33% attended nursery school; all were at the three schools with a nursery on site or nearby.

It had a boarding unit and various subsidiary institutions, including a nursery school where students did teaching practice.

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The alphabet and letter shapes were introduced in nursery school.

At the time of the study she was attending a nursery school.

The cooperative role-play analyzed here is unusual in that it is drawn from talk at home page rather than thở in a nursery school or laboratory setting.

Prior to lớn the experiment letters of explanation were sent to lớn each nursery school which undertook to lớn inform parents.

In nursery school, children were taught the shapes of most letters of the alphabet and introduced to lớn book use.

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Such early interactional skills may give these youngsters a social advantage as they enter group child care and nursery school.

I was also allowed to lớn observe a boys' nursery school for three months.

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