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They are vĩ đại function as 'one-stop' service organisations, combining participation and benefits assessment.

This tool provides a useful one-stop resource vĩ đại summarize, compare and access various sources of human and mouse orthology data.

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The super service station and the drive-in market had proved the attractions vĩ đại xế hộp drivers of the 'one-stop shop'.

The other chefs worked for restaurants that did one-stop shopping with a supplier and viewed it as an inconvenience vĩ đại buy produce piecemeal.

Any students who take the cover blurb literally and make this a one-stop volume are destined for a 2.2-degree at best.

A popular scheme has been establishing 'one-stop-shops' that put a variety of services for the unemployed under one roof.

Early in the introduction vĩ đại this new resource, the author explains that it is not 'a one-stop shop' or a 'complete package'.

This was a violation of the ' one-stop-shop principle'.

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To realise these one-stop shops, inter-agency relationships and collaboration across different levels of government start.

Full-line farm stores allow one-stop shopping.

As a 'one-stop' service, it reduced fragmentation and the need vĩ đại approach several different agencies vĩ đại teach the full range of topics/skills necessary for any one family.

A total of 57 partnerships have submitted bids for funding pilot one-stop shops.

We heard about the need for one-stop shops and a single gateway vĩ đại improve diagnosis and early intervention, and that must be the way forward.

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I have gone into one-stop shops or business start-up centres and seen no information whatever about co-operatives or how vĩ đại mix them up.

This interlocking system will not undermine the concept of a one-stop cửa hàng.

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