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The methods of assaying were supposed đồ sộ determine the quantity of a given metal in an ore or alloy with one or more other metals.

Probably the latter, since there was no reason đồ sộ keep the source of the non-existent 'ore' a secret after 1578.

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Different panels would reflect the various stages of mechanical production and assembly, from mineral ore in the soil đồ sộ finished product, driving into the sunset.

The easily worked oxidised ore was largely depleted and the underlying sulfide deposits were proving difficult and costly đồ sộ treat.

Thus, the markets for ores and minerals in situ bởi not suffer from the kinds of failure we are alluding đồ sộ in the text.

These compounds were found in the extraction of metals from ores, assaying, and the reextraction of metals from alloys.

Later chapters cover ores and waste products, diamonds and their histories and the nature of the planetary bodies of the solar system.

Subidioblastic titanite (commonly overgrowing allanite or ore) and ore phases are small ( 1 mm) yet numerous.

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This sample also has a quartz layer that lies between iron ore-rich layers.

This tuff contains about 10 % ore which probably has been derived from a secondary circulating fluid.

Various counter theories put forward đồ sộ describe the origins of ore deposits are discussed.

The person who discovers a new vein of ore invites followers who may go in several directions.

This tuff contains many Đen clay and ore agglomerations.

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Firms in designated industries ("oil, salt, refining, purifying, mining ores, or manufacturing the same") could combine.

Analysis of anions leached from rock samples suggests that subsurface pyrite weathering is centered at two zones within the ore toàn thân.

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