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They are particularly rare in the difficult and not overpopulated field of comparative urban history and this is an excellent example of the genre.

In the 1890s, people were deserting the countryside for overpopulated cities.

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There they had the possibility to tát sườn an independent household earlier phàn nàn would have been the case in the overpopulated rural districts.

The act of producing another fatherless child in this world doesn't seem lượt thích an obvious contribution toward promoting the general good or happiness on an already overpopulated planet.

Above all, the almost universal suboptimality of household farming in this overpopulated society tends to tát retract various modernization benefits of large-scale collective farming such as mechanization and specialization.

In countries that are already overpopulated relative to tát usable capital and land, this marginal product is some fraction of the average annual product of labour, perhaps as low as one-third.

I submit that we have reached the limit in this island, and that we are overpopulated.

That in itself compels her to tát keep within the confines of the two islands, already overpopulated.

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I hope that legislation will not be passed simply on the ground that our prisons are overpopulated.

Because they are relatively overpopulated to-day, we would be allowed to tát send visitors to tát them?

They have simply taken the existing parliamentary constituencies, doubled the number, and made minor adjustments for overpopulated areas.

We cannot expect the impoverished people of the world in their overpopulated countries to tát bear an unfair burden.

As we know, in that sense, it is an overpopulated area of the country.

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I have said before and fundamentally believe that this country will be overpopulated by 15 million people by the over of this century.

We live on a small island which is fairly overpopulated in some areas and there are inevitable pressures on our comparatively limited countryside.

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