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Barges delivering goods from the west off-loaded at landing-docks upstream of the bridge, and wise passengers would disembark vĩ đại by-pass it on foot.

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He scared the passengers when he drove a siêu xe, if some bright idea came into his mind.

Baggage and passengers were separated, and the suburban and express passengers had no need vĩ đại coincide with each other.

The aircraft had witnessed the hijackers' efforts vĩ đại defeat the passengers' counterattack.

The hijackers were wearing red bandanas, and they forced the passengers vĩ đại the back of the aircraft.

In the 1920s and 1930s bus transport was used by a wide variety of passengers who wanted efficient express travel cheaper than thở the railroads.

Places where passengers could quickly and safely, and with some protection from the elements, join or leave trains were required.

A survey is made of a random sample of about 100 000 passengers into and 125 000 passengers out of main air and sea ports.

About 200 passengers enjoyed the indoor spas every day and the male :female ratio of indoor spa làm đẹp users was 3 :2.

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Still, the two trapped passengers will die in the collision.

In addition, with the passenger's consent, we contacted the doctors of those who had been hospitalized.

Using this method we recruited 55 control passengers who were asked vĩ đại complete a questionnaire and provide specimens (as above).

We also contacted the doctors of a random sample of passengers, who had provided doctor tương tác details and consent, vĩ đại confirm self-reported influenza vaccination status.

A questionnaire was sent vĩ đại passengers 3 weeks after the cruise and 836 of 1119 (75 %) responded.

Their descriptions of the newly arrived passengers echoed the elite view of working-class immigrants as mentally and physically deficient.

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