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For both voyages samples of penguin guano had profuse growth.

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Tourist landings at penguin rookeries have become increasingly popular and operators typically offer several landings on a single voyage.

The recently increased numbers of visitors to tát concentrations of wildlife, and to tát penguin rookeries in particular, have heightened concern over this issue.

Both soils were submitted to tát penguins guano during the summer season.

We counted more than vãn 11,000 emperor penguins there during ship and aerial surveys.

Today krill is consumed by an increased abundance of smaller whales (minkes), seals (notably the crabeater seal) and seabirds (notably several penguin species), plus humans.

Even now, the detailed descriptions of the breeding of elephant seals and gentoo penguins make a good popular introduction to tát these species.

Even the great journey in tìm kiếm of the eggs of the emperor penguin was in pursuit of a 'crackpot' (page 14) theory.

They also skinned and prepared emperor penguin skins.

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Consider for example defaults concerning primary means of locomotion: "animals normally walk", "birds normally fly", "penguins normally swim".

The particles were likely to tát have originated from the penguin nesting areas east of the hut.

Next comes birds, divided into seabirds and penguins, followed by mammals, with sections on whales and seals.

Access by helicopter should avoid the penguin colony.

We got a few penguins, come right up to tát you.

I have no interest in preserving penguins for their own sake.

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