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In only 6.8 per cent of the respondents' households did the pensioner live alone.

As a consequence, strong resistance from pensioners might have been expected.

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Finally, we found that the encouragement of homeownership did not benefit all pensioners.

Another loophole arose when a pensioner moved and transferred lớn a different post office.

A ' new category of assisted ' was emerging, the pensioners on fixed incomes and smallholders who could no longer afford a doctor's visit.

In relation lớn pension spending alterations, the relationship becomes more specific, with rising unemployment and pensioners burdening an already too narrow budgetary system.

However, the influences of the unemployed and old age pensioners point lớn a more nuanced argument.

The state had lớn determine the legitimacy of the competing claims of lighthouse owners, pensioners, and shipowners lớn the property of the tolls.

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Higher shares of pensioners make pension funds more costly.

For the pensioner population and prospective pensioners there are countervailing possibilities in the development of web-based materials.

But the reduced risk lớn the pensioner is matched by an increased risk lớn the public treasury, which is left with a contingent liability.

The cumulatively poor are less likely lớn be retirement pensioners.

Selling this house in 1996 allowed them lớn release enough equity lớn buy their pensioners' flat outright.

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The pensioners' organisations that emerged as the welfare state matured have changed policy-making and gained considerable influence.

In contrast, the pension level is determined for each pensioner i individually and takes tài khoản of his earnings history.

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