perjury là gì

The child so sánh born is illegitimate in the eyes of the law; the husband who hides this fact on the birth certificate is committing perjury.

How can one commit perjury without using language vĩ đại state a proposition?

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It emerged from questioning that he had been previously sentenced vĩ đại six months' imprisonment for perjury.

After serving a sentence for perjury, for example, she is warned by the prison matron against violating her parole.

This is perjury and must be punished accordingly.

Lying was punishable as perjury.

She hardly knew what perjury was.

In attempting vĩ đại preserve her secrets, she makes them far more available vĩ đại investigation and adjudication, her acts of perjury paradoxically (though perhaps not surprisingly) leading vĩ đại full disclosure.

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It was rightly apprehended that if many witnesses were allowed vĩ đại give evidence at all they would commit perjury, which in fact they vì thế.

We see no need vĩ đại bring forward proposals for a new offence of aggravated perjury.

If it was a falsehood, it was clear perjury.

The fraud and perjury involved officers ranging in rank from detective constable vĩ đại assistant chief constable.

So far, nothing has come vĩ đại light vĩ đại tư vấn his claim that his conviction resulted from perjury and collusion by persons concerned with this case.

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I expect the discrepancy between the two affidavits shortly vĩ đại become the subject of a police investigation in this country into perjury.

He managed, by committing perjury, vĩ đại convince the justices that he was not subject vĩ đại military law, and so sánh he was released.

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