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In general, we can say that with the expansion of the social democratic welfare state traditional philanthropy came to tát be heavily constrained.

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Some wealthy entrepreneurs are already learning the benefits of philanthropy in improving their image.

By the late nineteenth century missionary philanthropy was becoming heavily feminized.

One such area, especially in the nineteenth century, was philanthropy.

The chapter on women and philanthropy is a little disappointing.

It was argued that ways had to tát be found to tát prevent the philanthropy of individual founders from becoming outmoded, while also making trustees publicly accountable.

There has been considerable discussion about the staying power of philanthropy and the motives behind funeral doles in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Most of them would also have added that they believed that their society embodied their own particular virtues: open-handedness, hospitality, generosity and philanthropy.

The two evangelicals were somewhat more active than vãn the others in politics and philanthropy.

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Older forms of philanthropy often developed into a wider concern with social conditions.

Nowhere has such a comprehensive treatment of this aspect of medical philanthropy been published previously, ví that this section is very important.

The collection contains a series of useful essays on a servants' 'strike', middle-class female philanthropy and the arrival of labour politics in the 1900s.

The hospitals of the title were voluntary hospitals, ví called because they were entirely dependent on voluntary financial tư vấn or philanthropy for their existence.

Private institutions depend on tuition fees, sponsors and philanthropy.

What tax incentives exist encourage corporate philanthropy more than vãn citizen initiatives, and unincorporated organizations are altogether ineligible for tax-exempt contributions.

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