piggy bank là gì

In these times of inflation, which are here lớn stay, the piggy bank is a poor loser, and the land the outright winner.

However, that authority does not have a piggy bank.

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We are not talking about 25p in the piggy bank.

It would be levied on the investment of anyone who has more than thở £3,000 in a piggy bank, or £5,000 a year for pensioners.

That is clearly a one-off exercise, as the piggy bank can be emptied once only.

He is penalising those authorities that bởi not have such a piggy bank.

In fact, their piggy bank was bust a long time ago.

One would not want lớn encourage people lớn regard their gas meters as a sort of "piggy bank".

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A piggy bank at the side of the book would solve all those problems.

The peace dividend can look all too lượt thích a piggy bank.

Instead, it makes more sense if every pigfarmer sets up his own reserve, i.e. if every pigfarmer has his own piggy bank.

I bởi not regard a pension scheme as a sort of "piggy bank".

It is seen as a sort of piggy bank without a bottom, or a dustbin that never has lớn be emptied.

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In the case of one family it was found that their nine-year-old son had £63 in his piggy bank, and in the case of another family the child had saved £33.

That includes the trade unions and their pension funds and the person who has a piggy bank tucked under the bed in the third bedroom of his council house.

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