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Information from the questionnaires revealed that dogs did gain entrance into fenced playgrounds through drainage outlets underneath gate doors, in tìm kiếm of food.

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The three children played in the playgrounds and streets in the quarter after school, often without parental assistance.

The playgrounds were within schools and residential areas, and their estimated area ranged from 100 mét vuông vĩ đại 800 mét vuông, with an average of 284 mét vuông.

They are present in public and private places including: đô thị backyards, country yards, playgrounds, parks, sandpits, gardens, fields, lake beaches, pavements and streets.

Affects local recreational facilities, parks, playgrounds, and campsites.

Safety for children in pub playgrounds.

The whole cost of improving and repairing playgrounds and playing-fields, including enlargements, falls on the ratepayers.

She said that mares had foaled in school playgrounds.

Such a ban should also extend vĩ đại parks, public gardens, sports and leisure areas, school grounds, children's playgrounds and similar locations.

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Children breathe in polluted air on the way vĩ đại school, in their classrooms and in the playgrounds.

Why vì thế not they insist in their plans that there must be children's playgrounds?

Playgrounds should not remain open when schools are closed.

We have heard of two incidents in playgrounds where dogs were said vĩ đại have attacked first a child and then a teacher.

I have also received many complaints from parents and grandparents about syringes and needles being found in school playgrounds.

The gates have vĩ đại be left open because of other users and the playgrounds are said vĩ đại be dangerous for this reason.

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