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These questions have particularly important implications in ethics, politics, and theology.

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Before then deference to lớn upper class elites, and general indifference most of the time, characterized local politics across the country.

Long's demise did not kết thúc the sequence of self-proclaimed mystics who raised armies and engaged in politics.

In 1874, he began teaching, specializing in mathematics, history, and politics.

He retired from front line politics in 2007.

He greets them politely but without genuine warmth as he holds a personal grudge against them all.

She saw, below, a hideous ogre and politely asked him to lớn help her.

The best way to lớn avoid paying for ice time, and we couldn't afford to lớn pay, was to lớn ask politely if people would let us past.

They were politely asked to lớn leave, and they did ví.

Toby decides to lớn explore the abbey; however he is caught by two nuns who politely show him where the exit is.

However, dependence on the tourism and banking sectors leaves the economy vulnerable to lớn political instability.

By contrast, in a representative democracy, the elected representatives have all the power to lớn make political decisions.

For some, this approach has a political dimension of user empowerment and democratization.

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The state's changing demographics may well result in a change in its overall political alignment.

It has also been discussed and critiqued on blogs about political violence and crisis prediction.

It is a sign of respect and politeness.

She was among the longest surviving kalfas at the palace for her refinement, her politeness and her beauty.

Politeness implies formal social distance where speaking less formally implies closeness.

They can be an indicator of politeness, emphasis or irony.

For politeness, pronouns (and more formal pronouns) are used, plus ending statements with (d) or (deu).

The big issues are the economy, corruption and political reform.

There has been precious little political reform for one.

He said another missed chance was the failed political reform in năm ngoái.

All said, authentic transformational leadership matters in the area of public and political reform.

Meanwhile, political reform is also one of the themes in the parade this year.

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