poverty là gì

Many imaginative changes could be made at no cost, and that is the basis on which we have tried to tát approach some of poverty's difficult problems.

Thus, the production of development discourse continues as stories of poverty, malnutrition, under development and illiteracy persistently appear in texts and practices.

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His findings show powerfully that poverty can structure the individual life course and generational relationships across time.

Poverty is worrying about money all the time.

The factory, she argues, ' ' suggests poverty, entrapment, back-breaking work.

How did its wealth or poverty change over the very long period covered by this book?

The second issue concerns poverty and other social problems, as well as efforts to tát giảm giá khuyến mãi with those problems.

The overseers (homen iin) measured the degree of poverty in almost the same way.

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Secondly, they actively carried out and published social surveys of urban poverty.

According to tát this interpretation, the aged ordinarily resided with their adult children only out of necessity, especially in cases of poverty or infirmity.

The foundlings may therefore have come from parishes containing wealthy individuals, but also a large degree of poverty and indigence.

Poverty was the main reason why children were boarded out, frequently associated with loss of parents and difficulties in providing for a large household.

We should all tự our best to tát lessen poverty and suffering and make the world a more equal place.

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There are, to tát be sure, fewer inscriptions and no very lengthy ones, but that too reflects the relative poverty of public culture.

They may simply assume that old age is a time of poverty, decay and discrimination.

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