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Its price tag of £77 indicates that it is directed at libraries and specialists, rather than thở a general audience.

Glaciologists (if not geologists) will be well served by this book, but the hefty price tag of £125 is likely vĩ đại restrict purchasers mainly vĩ đại libraries.

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However, the price tag of the instrument is proportional vĩ đại (at least) the square of the acceleration voltage of the instrument.

Decisions are often difficult because they come with a price tag.

Can one put a price tag on a human life?

Its £70 price tag, however, will preclude many others, academics and students from access vĩ đại it.

The social insurance act was an expensive measure with an uncertain, but undoubtedly high, price tag.

To know the price tag of medical technology is one thing; vĩ đại witness or experience the value of it is another.

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The £18 price tag is probably just within the budget of the book's intended readership.

Their usually not-so-optimal size (and inherently their portability) coupled with their price tag render this kind of interface simply uneconomical.

Furthermore, these agents carried the lowest price tag.

The £67.50 price tag is moderately expensive.

The house is not the figment of the imagination of a technology journalist, but actually has been built and has a price tag and is for sale now.

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The value of this memoir as a resource cannot be overstated - the information it contains represents billions of pounds of data acquisition, making the £175 price tag look pretty modest.

However, there was of course a price tag—£350,000.

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