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Second, the more proficient students can use context better than vãn the less proficient students.

Their findings indicate that, regardless of question type, the more proficient test takers performed better on 'non-matching' texts than vãn did the less proficient.

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How proficient are you in reading other languages (specify ________)?

For the easy reading, there was little difference in strategy use between more and less proficient readers.

These perceptual assimilations, moreover, are attested even in highly proficient bilinguals, and they resist specific training.

First, patients who were unable đồ sộ generate these constructions before training were now much more proficient in their use.

It was found that the orally more proficient students drew on a wider range of strategies than vãn did their less proficient counterparts.

Taking a closer look at the performance of two proficient, balanced bilinguals with above-average literacy skills, these global tendencies are confirmed.

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Forty years of language teaching not creating communicatively proficient learners, a new mousetrap begged đồ sộ be invented.

The purpose of this article is đồ sộ reveal how đồ sộ build the automatic process of word recognition for those who are less proficient at reading.

Here we report results from the brain activity of very proficient early bilinguals making a lexical decision task that illustrates this point.

The article initially looks at the problems less proficient readers face and what research has revealed.

Less proficient learners relied more on background knowledge and từ khóa inferencing.

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The idea that bilinguals may not be equally proficient in both or all of their languages is certainly not a new or original proposal.

How bởi highly proficient bilinguals control their lexicalization process?

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