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But second-order theories cannot qualify as public reasons because they are subject vĩ đại reasonable disagreement.

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This has been expected since the histidine kinase family does not qualify on the sequence level as thành viên of this superfamily.

The reasoning was that, although most families that sought welfare were needy enough vĩ đại qualify, few had exhausted other possibilities for income.

The significance of human history is a question which philosophy alone is qualified vĩ đại answer.

Constructions which may be viewed as based on overt or covert anaphoric relations or subconstituent coordination bởi not qualify.

These shared behaviours may qualify as conventions or traditions, without requiring the use of more loaded and complex terms such as culture.

Our finding of consistency in raw-score changes among measures was qualified by differences in effect sizes.

In general, all qualified employees are included in the pension plan and receive credits vĩ đại their trương mục each pay period.

They were very well aware of the dangers that they faced, very well qualified vĩ đại undertake them, and tragically unfortunate in their lack of success.

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However, there was little agreement on exactly which groups qualified as nations or races, and the history of even the largest groups remained obscure.

For such a civilian career an officer seemed ideally qualified and no re-training was considered necessary.

Maybe we will want vĩ đại qualify what we say about in vitro fertilization as time goes on.

To qualify, a person must work 16 hours a week or more, have a dependent child and not have capital of more kêu ca £8,000.

It needs vĩ đại be qualified by investigating the institutional embeddedness or ' 'coreness' ' of challenged national arrangements.

Membership of parliament was not something for which an admiral was qualified.

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