radioactive là gì

An aliquot was removed to tát determine the uptake of the radioactive precursor.

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This was used as the starting material for the selective radioactive amplification.

Production of radioactive nuclides by energetic protons generated from intense laser-plasma interactions.

By the technique of radioactive dating, it has been shown that the chondrites all crystallized 4.6r 109 years ago.

Blanks of no radioactive slides were also lập cập.

In either case the toxic or radioactive waste is trapped in the solid, preventing it from leaching into the local water table.

The amplified products are visualized on sequencing polyacrylamide gels using radioactive labelling, silver-staining technique, or by using fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis.

Mutagenicity tests on bacterial cultures using exceptionally radioactive heavy mineral beach sands : irradiation or chemistry?

Such preparations are metabolically active as shown by then* ability to tát metabolize radioactive glucose.

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In recent years, regulatory problems associated with the use of radioactive materials have limited their use in field studies.

In radioactive beam generation experiments, resolution of the isotopes and transmission of the secondary beam through the fragment separator are very important problems.

It is expected that the latter can regulate the crossfield plasma particle transport in tokamak discharges which are contaminated by radioactive dust.

This is the core of a new technology developed to tát treat buried low-level radioactive or toxic waste.

Erosion of the granites yields specific minerals including quartz, radioactive (uranium-, thorium-bearing) phases and phosphates, which could play a role in early evolution.

Examples of hazardous systems include those used in the production, storage, and transportation of environmentally harmful materials, such as oil or radioactive waste.

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