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In following the organic agricultural principles of recycling local inputs, only 15% of respondents reported off-farm purchases of soil amendments.

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Many of the arguments used then for or against conservation have been endlessly recycled and are still in use in different contexts.

Economically, the recycling type decreases corporate profits because of additional costs in the recycling process.

There are thousands of bïlinï texts, but far fewer bïlinï melodies, owing to lớn the fact that performers habitually recycled them.

Indeed, as we have seen, there is evidence of women in closed networks recycling the (dh) variable.

We would not be prepared to lớn say that recycling is always associated with men.

Other electrons are recycled and their momentums depend on their recycling times.

In truth, it recycles, reproducing the circular rhythm of a feelgood culture of excess.

We lost the battle over rainwater recycling but won it over healthy breathing walls and recycled insulation.

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In other cases, they become the norm simply by being recycled in a narrowly specialized field.

When efficiency losses are not too great, recycling farm income through the local community will strengthen the community, which will in turn strengthen local farms.

To begin with, a recycling market hardly existed in the first place.

Powder coating is characterized by small loss of powder in the application phase, the loss can be collected and recycled, and health hazards are diminished.

The environmental groups doubted whether the waste management programme had exhausted every possibility of avoiding and recycling waste.

Repeatedly recycled, identity seems to lớn float somewhere between the desire of the subject and the images of consumption.

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