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State and local governments also have considerable regulatory authority over granting siting permits necessary for the operation of many types of facilities.

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Molecular biological techniques are very helpful đồ sộ detect parasite-induced changes in the regulatory systems concerned.

The central theoretical concern focuses on the idea of regulatory ritualism and its key role in regulatory capitalism.

Although the story is far from complete, several regulatory pathways have already been implicated in the normal and aberrant activity of telomerase in human cells.

Here, comparisons of national regulatory practices are made and recommendations for common standards are proposed.

It should also look into the issue whether regulatory competition is really a race and if ví what vì thế we mean by that.

The body toàn thân, its demarcation and differentiation, is a regulatory ideal whose materialisation takes place through certain highly regulated, powerful cultural practices.

Empirically, regulatory competition is related đồ sộ regulatory cooperation in two ways.

We argue that experimental standards in economics are regulatory in that they allow for little variation between the experimental practices of individual researchers.

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Parasitoids and miscellaneous factors acted as densitydependent regulatory agents during the pre-ovipositional and first instar stages respectively.

Ultimately, utilising an accreditation scheme, as a secondary or supplemental regulatory instrument đồ sộ an established policy regime, would safeguard against voluntary industry dominated regulation.

For example, regulatory competition is only effective among market economies.

The mechanism of regulatory competition has thus stronger effects in countries whose economies are highly economically integrated and weaker effects in less integrated countries.

In what kind of areas are we more likely đồ sộ witness synergies between regulatory policy and market forces?

A puzzling fact is the existence of widespread over-compliance of banks regarding national and international regulatory capital requirements.

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