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Furniture production remained an important industry in the area through the 1920s.

Only a fragment of the original gable wall remains of the old church.

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They eventually settle in habitats of similar relief and substrate as older lingcod, but remain at shallower depths for several years.

It remained functioning until the mid-20th century but its condition decreased gravely.

Tech's offense returned to tát the field at its 20-yard line with 49 seconds remaining until halftime.

His remains were cremated, his ashes retained by family and friends.

It also affects societys political order and governments because bureaucracies were built to tát regulate these organizations, but corruption remains an issue.

Radiography showed hair stubble on the scalp as well as the remains of the brain inside the cranium.

The bodies of 145 nobles, plus urns containing the hearts or cremated remains of four others, are deposited here.

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Finally, deep in the woods, the burned-out remains of a cabin was discovered.

Using her demonic powers, she changed size, disappeared and continued to tát attack them whilst remaining unseen.

The last remaining grain elevator burned down in 1983.

The tank commander ordered the remaining soldiers out of the tank before it would catch fire and blow up.

This finished all the planned electrifications, and the authorities deemed the remaining lines unprofitable to tát electrify because of low traffic.

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Forty-five percent of the species are predators while the remaining 55% are guano scavengers, detritivores and herbivores.

Britain may not be the culinary backwater it once was but, even in an age of foodies, our ignorance about what we eat remains prodigious.

The remaining were sánh malnourished they had no alternative, but to tát eat remains of those who had died.