repertoire là gì

This includes repertoire, improvisational activities, technical patterns, etudes, sight-reading, analysing and memorizing.

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Many students enter schools with a linguistic repertoire that straddles their languages.

These master actors teach their students the repertoire of their particular genres by having them copy what they tự.

The best performers of live electroacoustic music, of course, will find ways to lớn make their repertoire work effectively, both in rehearsal and performance.

This included oral musical cultures, which are often defined more by performance kêu ca by pre-existing repertoire or rigid rules.

Rather, it is a pattern that is salient in the shape recognition repertoire of apes in general.

The fact that they can no longer describe, elucidate and explain the repertoire that they created is directly pertinent to lớn this paper.

Although they may soon develop a considerable repertoire, such children's musicianship often remains restricted.

The recorded repertoire was now changing, and the proportion of popular music increased considerably after 1908.

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In the processes of composition and editing the speaker arranges, qualifies, withholds, or releases verbal behavior which already exists in some strength in his repertoire.

As a result, it is widely believed that the actual and potential site recognition repertoires of homing endonucleases are extremely broad.

This fast switching exhausts the var gen repertoire resulting in short infection periods.

The latter consists of a large repertoire of cereals and pulses which have remained largely unchanged over the centuries.

In this respect, they are quite different from communication systems based on a limited repertoire of stereotyped messages.

Many domestic songs entered the international repertoire and in a few cases became classics.

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